Note: MDS do not employ Smokers. It is incompatable with our Occupation 255_noahhilsenrad.jpg

Qualified Divers

If you are qualified with ADAS or HSE certificate and are available for employment please click this link to fill in our customised application form.

Before you can be employed, you will need to produce the following:

1) A copy of your certificate and certificate number (Diving school certificate okay for recent graduates);

2) A copy of your current diving medical

3) A copy of your current First Aid Certificate

4) A brief one page description of other qualifications and experience

5) Your Australian Working Visa (if applicable)

6) Your Tax File Number

7) NSW Workcover Authority 'Green Card'

Non Divers

If you have other skills such as Diver's Attendant, Labouring or Office Support, we may have positions available from time to time.

People who are interested in training as a Commercial Diver are occassionally employed by MDS as a Diver's Attendant or Labourer. This gives the employee experience in Diving Operations, which are very valuable if they plan to undertake a Diver Training Course. MDS are particularly interested in people with trade backgrounds and significant recreational diving experience.

To apply for employment with MDS, simply fill out our customised application form here.

Note:- MDS is an Australian company based in Sydney. Employment is normally based in NSW. You will need a working Visa and Tax File Number to work in Australia. MDS will not sponser Divers seeking a working visa for Australia.