Notable Recent Contracts

Sydney Water Reef Habitat Surveys 2007-ongoing


This project involved periodic video surveys of nine sites surrounding the outlets of the Desalination Plant in Botany Bay. The surveys consisted of the installation and video recording of five 50m transects as well two 3 - 4 minute long active searches for marine life at each of the sites. The surveys were then edited and burnt to DVD and sent out to the clientfor scientific analysis.
This project has been instrumental in the development of the MDS video inspection system, which has now become a speciality of MDS.


Survey of all underwater channels in the Malabar STP: 2010-2011


Malabar STP is Australias largest STP plant and takes over 50% of Sydneys sewrage. Prior to 1990 the plant would go on bypass and allow sewrage to run into long bay in order to inspect channels, however, bypass is no longer an option. So MDS were invited to make a survey of all the underwater structures in the live flow. This was very technically challenging as it involved operating around enormous machinery and many locations with differential pressure, not to mention that the water was raw sewerage. By working closely with the client, having the best gear and experienced staff, MDS was able to carry off the project without incident.


PKCT Refurbishment: 2006-11


This project involved the removal of concrete jackets from 258 piles up to 1.2m in diameter from under berths 1 &2 at PKCT. After refurbishing the steel all jackets were protected with the Denso 2000FD system.


Abbott Point Vibrocoring: May 2011


35 Cores up to 11m taken from Abbott Point for pre-dredging survey. We mobilised all equipment including the barge from Sydney. All cores were taken in the planned time frame.


Thiess/BHP Hunter River Remediation Projects Sampling: November 2010 - May 2011


Final phase of river cleanup.
MDS worked closely with Thiess and GHD to develop a method to effectively sample the SOMETHING of the river affected by hydrocarbon pollution from the former steel works. In the early stages of the work MDS took samples up to 13m long and in the last phase, MDS has used its own design of hand corer to collect 2M long cores for the final testing of the cleanup.


Cronulla STP Penstock Installation: December 2010 - January 2011


Installation of 2 stainless steel penstocks in the final outlet of Cronulla STP. A major limiting factor was that all the work had to be completed during the low flow at night. Using all our own equipment, including our own crane, we completed the work without incident and in the required time frame.


Prospect Reserviour Barrier Installation: July 2010


Installation of flow diversion blocks in the receiving waters for the Prospect Dam. These were installed as part of the hydroelectric turbine scheme. This work involved lowering divers into the water adjacent to the live flow. Divers were lowered in from a man cage off an 80tonne crane. The concrete blocks were then guided into position by the diver and drilled and bolted to the bottom.


Blue Moon Magestic Recovery: June 2010


Recovery of 33M 450tonne cruise vessel from 8 metres of water from Balls Head, Sydney Harbour. This was a challenging project which required careful planning to avoid environmental disturbance of the harbour and to lift the timber vessel without breaking it up.


Sydney Water Desalination Project: 2009-10


This project involved the laying of a 9km of twin 1.6m diameter pipeline across Botany Bay and the construction of the 35 tonne bifurcation joint.


PARR Alliance - Hydro Connection: January - February 2009


A major job involving the joining of the 1.8M hydro electric pipeling to the existing NOOS outfall tunnel. Detailed planning with the PARR engineers was required to acheive the successful outcome.