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MDS has undertaken many large and small pile repair projects and Denso installation projects. MDS has been an approved Denso applicator for 15 years and has developed a close relationship with Denso, in particular NSW represntative Steve Faulkener.

Why use Denso?
MDS uses Denso because it is a time tested, tried and true product, there are many competitors to Denso who claim their products are on par with Denso but only Denso has the long term track record proving its effectiveness.

What is Denso?
Denso is corrosion protection system which is ideal for use in the tidal zone. The combination of high oxygen, salt spray and drying/wetting action of the tides makes the tidal zone the most corrosion-prone portion of any marine asset. The Denso system works by ‘passivating’ the underlying structure, whether it be steel, concrete or timber. The Denso forms a membrane through which no water or gas can pass. It is a barrier to oxygen, water and water borne pests such as Torito worm. Therefore, Denso is an ideal product for pile repair and protection.

MDS Application:
Denso comes in a number of different systems and they are not technically difficult to apply, however, if it is applied poorly the long term consequences are usually so costly that the extra care that should have been taken when applying the material pales into insignificance.

MDS has developed some simple but effective controls to ensure that the underlying material is prepared correctly and that the Denso is installed correctly the first time. When the product has been installed correctly we have never witnessed corrosion occurring even 25 years later.